The Girl

Anne, a.k.a "3.1", is a train driving competence assessor (formerly a subterranean train driver instructor). Beyond her day job however, she is an unobtrusive photographer and all-round creative being.

Born in the latter part of October 1988 in Bloomsbury, situated in the heart of London. Early years were spent just a stone's throw away from King's Cross Station in Somers Town, before the family relocated to London's East End. As a child of immigrant parents, she experienced a difficult childhood, framed by her love of music (studying classical piano from the age of 6), which often results in the views she has on life today.

With an INFP Myers-Briggs type, you’ll find that 3.1 is not your usual introvert (they’re not always they shy and retiring type, you know) and thus enjoys a good chinwag with a good friend or two over a gin and tonic. She also loves good music, good food, chocolate and cats. Bizarrely, she also has an unhealthy interest in London Underground (despite working for them) and its rich heritage, but you'd never think she was an enthusiast.

3.1 has lived on pretty much all points of the city – North, South, East and West – but has found she much prefers the West at the moment, what with the River Thames, Chiswick and Kew just a stone's throw away.