White iPhone / by 3.1


Eventually, the day came when I had to succumb to getting a new iPhone (or PAH-hone as we call it in our household for some bizarre reason). I've had an iPhone 4S for the last year and a bit. I think. I'm not sure. It needed replacing, having become all worn-out as 16GB devices do when you don't delete any pictures or messages off of it that seem to grow exponentially in mass, yet you still want the phone to function like it was new...

Anyway, here's a few pictures whilst I think of something to write in this insomnia-induced writer's block:

The LEGO Builder Case was an impulse buy whilst I sat in the O2 shop on Chiswick High Street freezing my tits off, but the more I thought about it after I brought it home, and having watched a few YouTube videos of people using the case, I thought I could always build something out of LEGO (like a nightstand or something) and then stick the phone to it like some sort of freak smartphone-meets-toy creation.

Anyway, onto the actual phone buying story; I'm sure there's a few of you out there (or perhaps one of you) somewhat disgusted and thinking, "Anne – why a white iPhone?" Well – stick a case on it and it doesn't really matter that much, son. I've had every single iPhone bar the iPhone 3 and 5, only to stick a case on the bastard things anyway, because driving trains and having such ill-fitting uniform trousers with ill-shaped pockets means that if the phone is in there without a case you can guarantee a disaster involving the phone and terra firma by the time you've done a Baker Street – Uxbridge and back.

Over the last however many months since the new iPhone 5S came out, I'd been popping in and out of O2 shops across the capital like a vagrant, wondering if they would have the new shiny phone in "Space Grey" (I cringe every time I have to say that) in its 32GB or 64GB form, but to no avail. The online shop wasn't that much more optimistic either, 3-4 weeks glaring at me in red for the 64GB, even as a loyal customer wanting to upgrade. In the end, I just couldn't be arsed to wait any longer, especially as my iPhone 4S was starting to play up. I'd sooner go to the shop, get the phone and know it was all working, activated to the network and ready to use from the get go (which it was, before I'd even paid for it and left the shop).

It was literally a case of me storming into the shop and going, "Look, I can't be arsed to take your card and call up every day for the next month."

I'd decided to stick with O2 on the principle that it was better the devil you know, and seeing as my contract had already run out in September 2012, if I was going to leave, I would've done so ages ago. They were doing some decent deals on the 4G tariffs, plus there was all this new O2 Refresh fuss (where the phone is no longer tied to the actual airtime). No doubt I'll probably attempt to smash the phone against my head in frustration during the next network outage.

The new phone weighs ever so slightly less than the old one. Apart from the colour, I can't really tell the difference, purely because I had iOS7 on the old phone, so it's not as if I had to learn anything new to be able to use the new phone. The camera is slightly better, the screen is bigger and seems brighter.

(If you wanted a review, this isn't the place to be. Just in case you hadn't worked that out already.)

I've just turned on Siri to avoid having an argument at 3AM when I'm either drunk or severely beyond being overtired. Whilst that hasn't happened yet, there's always room for potential bedlam and I'm too scared to turn on the fingerprint thingy in case the phone (or the government) starts going all weird on me, you know?