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I was lost for a little while. I'm back now, but I'm not quite in the room yet, you know?

I was being harangued by fair and few to start writing again about everything and anything in the not-quite-speaking-but-more-like-rambling kind of way. As usual, I'm never sure as to whether or not to go along with this sort of encouragement in case I come across as being easily led or just incapable of making some sort of judgement call, but you know how it is. Anyway, in the last five or six months since I last wrote down anything, lots of things have happened or changed. Or whatever. That's life, right?

Hopefully I'll get back up to speed here, which will probably go some way in assisting myself in getting back up to speed with everything in general. Lots of opportunities and exciting new prospects have cropped up this year, sort of, and I suppose I should ramble on about them to appease the masses that do want me to go on about it. If I have the energy though.

Until then,