Radial / by 3.1

So it has just gone 01:30 and I can't sleep. My alarm is set for 06:00, which isn't the earliest it has been set for, but it's still going to be painful when I do eventually have to get up (or snooze my iPhone alarm for the umpteenth time, then checking to find I now only have 20 minutes to get showered and out of the door, which is a more realistic prospect).

A recent freak injury of unknown origin (though the pain started whilst I was at work) resulted in a visit to the delightful place that is Northwick Park Hospital's A&E Department. After a several hours of my right arm and hand in a numbing state of excruciating pins and needles, I was finally seen by a doctor who told me, after prodding me in various places while I had my eyes shut, and then with the assistance of Google (yes... part of the diagnosis involved me huddling round the computer with the doctor as she punched "arm strain" and other search terms into Google), that my radial nerve was partially trapped or strained. "Don't worry - nothing serious," she quickly chirps, as my face dissolves into despair with the pain. Shortly afterwards, I am asked to demonstrate to her what position I adopt for sleep (it's sort of like the recovery position, but with my right arm tucked under my pillow with my head resting directly on top), only to be chastised and told that it's a big no-no if I want to get better and if I never want this pain again.

The first night, dosed up on twice the amount of ibuprofen, was horrendous. I tried so hard to try and fall asleep on my back with my hands by my side, but whilst I did eventually manage to fall asleep, I'd rolled onto my arm. And so a glorious morning commenced with my arm dead for 5-10 minutes, followed by persistent numbness for the rest of the day. Being told I had been sleeping the wrong way for all thse years set to mar the rest of my week, and beyond, to the point that here I am at 01:52, fearful of falling asleep The Wrong Way.

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have other things going wrong with my body, but I guess it's just one of those things. "Getting old" springs to mind!