Hello, I'm Sorry / by 3.1

It's great when other creatives reach out and want to collaborate with you, especially when you end up really liking their stuff as much as they appreciate yours. Makes me buzz in a warm and fuzzy sort of way. It's also amazing how social media allows this to happen, which is pretty much what happened to me recently.

I was approached on Instagram by a musician called Seth Little, a lovely chap behind the music of Hello, I'm Sorry. The Impossible Project featured one of my photographs that I'd shot on their film stock and that's how he found me. He really loved my photograph and thought it would do just great as the cover for his future album recording. We had a bit of a chat and I said I'd check out his music before making a decision, but it wasn't that difficult to decide in the end; Seth Little's work is a gorgeous wave of sound that could easily be an alternative soundtrack to Lost in Translation (which just so happens to be on my list of my top 10 most favourite films).

Exchanges like this make me wonder why I don't shoot as much film as I used to.

The photograph was taken whilst I was waiting for the bus outside Northwood Hills Station. I can't remember exactly when I took the photograph, but as you can see, it was a bit of a foggy evening and it was rather cold. A lot of people seemed to like the photograph for some strange reason. I guess it takes on a different meaning if you don't really know where the photograph was taken! (Northwood Hills is a bit of a dive at night!)

Do have a listen to Hello, I'm Sorry if you get the time: helloimsorry.bandcamp.com