Gear: ARTISAN&ARTIST ACAM-P12 'Flynn' camera strap by 3.1


Apart from Gordy’s camera straps in the United States, the only other camera straps I trust with any of my photography loot are from ARTISAN&ARTIST in Japan. Some of you may have already spotted the A&A ACAM-E25R ‘Easy Slider’ camera strap that I already use with my Fujifilm X-Pro2 (you can see this here), which I’ve been using with said camera two years ago. As previously mentioned the other day, I needed a new camera strap for my latest acquisition of the Polaroid OneStep+ iType camera.


The ‘Flynn’ camera strap is a mixture of parachute cord and leather. The loop strap attachments make it a lot easier to attach to the camera than a typical tape attachment. The strap is adjusted simply by lifting the plastic buckles up from their downwards/straight position and tugging gently on the paracord to the desired length - the preference is held in place by the tension and thickness of the cord when the plastic buckles drop back down their down position. It’s pretty simple.

The strap gets its name from Sean Flynn, an American photojournalist who ended up in the Vietnam War with a pretty mashed up Leica M2. Lots of the most famous photographs to come out of the war at that time and even now are by Sean Flynn, and he fashioned a camera strap out of paracord for his M2.

Really loving the strap and it suits the OneStep+ really well with the red! Balances the camera well too, so much so, I may end up another Flynn camera strap for my Rolleiflex Instant Kamera.