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Because nobody likes a shit cup of coffee in the mornings

Because nobody likes a shit cup of coffee in the mornings

I used to have a fancy all-singing, all-dancing Nespresso coffee machine, but that has been sat in the downstairs store cupboard for about 3 years now (and probably has things growing in it), and real estate for kitchen appliances is kind of hard to come by in our kitchen, but S got me one of those AeroPress things recently and it's like coffee alchemy.

If you're into having a nice cup of coffee, but don't want/can't get a coffee machine, I'd recommend an AeroPress. They're a bit fiddly to start until you get used to it, but once you do, you can experiment with brew times, vacuum effects and what have you. They're also small enough that they'll fit in a locker or drawer at work if you'd like to have nice coffee at work, and they only need a good rinse under a hot tap after you've finished using all the bits and pieces, so no need to worry about intensive washing up. (Oh – and dishwasher safe for those all-intensive cleans. Bonus.)

At the moment, we're quite into the house blend from Union, a coffee hand-roasted in East London. Not sure whether to take up a subscription with them (as it's cheap enough to pick up a bag from my local Waitrose), but any suggestions are greatly appreciated (S likes a black Americano; I like an espresso shot with a dash of cold milk).