BT Tower

BT Tower by 3.1

The BT Tower, as seen from University Street

The BT Tower, as seen from University Street

I have fond memories of Fitzrovia as a child. Mum used to have cleaning job at one point in a very grand house tucked away somewhere near Goodge Street. I have vivid memories of walking along Tottenham Court Road with her on a sunny afternoon past the neon 'Time Out' sign. We would get something to eat and I remember sitting on the benches in Fitzeroy Square, looking up at the BT Tower, content with a Happy Meal.

Later on in life, Fitzeroy Square would hold foundation for my very first serious relationship. And even later on past that, it was a place to be alone.

All the while, the BT Tower has been there, quietly looming. Quitely helping to navigate my way. Always fascinating. I won't lie – it has been one of my dreams since childhood to go to the top of it. And how exhilirating it was to finally have that dream become a reality.