Christmas 2014

Festivus 2014, and looking ahead by 3.1

Sorry I'm a bit late, but here I am hoping and wishing that you've all had a wonderful Christmas, and I send all the best wishes for the new year ahead of us. Happy New Year!

I didn't really do much for Christmas as I can't say that I really got the chance. I'd been working right up until Christmas Eve, and whilst I had Christmas Day through to the 27th December off, it was hardly enough and I was plunged back into work before I had an opportunity to catch up. A few recent events have meant that Christmas overall has been terribly stressful; Seth has had a horrible time of it and unfortunately the nature of having a somewhat symbiotic relationship with him has meant that I've been quite stressed and on edge when he hasn't been a happy camper. That being said, it was good to spend Christmas Day at his mum's, and we drove up to Great Malvern on Boxing Day to spend time with his grandad. It's just a shame that we had to come back to London so soon as we do love that part of the world very much.

I'm not really into Christmas. For three years now I've gotten away with not having a Christmas tree or decorations (unless you count the Christmas cards we receive), though I may have to relent next year. I don't buy that many presents either as I've always felt birthdays to be far more important, though this year I limited myself on how much I would spend per person and I think all in all I must've bought eight presents in total – mostly for Seth's family and my closest friends. Seth kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas and I kept saying that I didn't want anything, but he still got me something anyway, which was nice I suppose (and for what it's worth – he got me a sewing machine that I'd had my eye on for a while).

In other news; as a treat to myself, I went and bought myself an Xbox One. I'm not sure whether I regret it or not, as I used to have an Xbox 360 Slim, but time will tell. I'm not as serious a gamer as I used to be when I used to have a Nintendo 64, and Microsoft gave me much stress over the fact I couldn't (read that as 'They wouldn't let me') retrieve my old 'version3point1' gamertag, resulting in my having to create a new one ('v3point1' isn't quite the same). That said, I'm looking forward to Fable Legends coming out later on in the year...

(Sorry for the inane chatter – I'm at work on nights this week and struggling to stay awake.)