MD Paper

MD Notebook Diary 2019 by 3.1


For my 30th birthday last year, one of my besties got me this gorgeous MD Notebook Diary for 2019. The slog that was mid-2017 to the spring of 2018 needed forgetting, especially as 2019 has gotten off to such a cracking start.


The paper is a lot thicker and than the Tomoe River paper I’m used to in my old Hobonichi planners, however as I decided not to get a Hobonichi planner this year, it was a very welcome gift for my home journal needs (in conjuction with my special edition Traveler’s Notebook I picked up in Japan, which I use exclusively for travel journalling).


Not sure how this hefty boi of a diary is going to cope with a load of Instax prints, but we’ll see.