Mighty Pop

Pin Game Strong by 3.1

I've started collecting all sorts of trinkets again, like stamps, shiny coins, and printing presses (that's going to be another post for another day).

Enamel badges (or "pins") are my thing now. I used to collect button badges in my youth, but I've decided to up my game and enamel is all the rage. (My pin game is truly strong. If you're a man that also happens to be easily offended, then perhaps come back another day, OK?)

So many people I'd like to give this badge to...

So many people I'd like to give this badge to...

Hard enamel, soft enamel... anything goes. So long as it's enamel. I'm currently obsessed with the following places (who knows – they could make great gifts for some people in your life... if, of course, you have people in your life to share random shit with):

Veronica Dearly – I'm currently waiting my 'Give No Fucks' instalment of the Pin Commandments.

Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes – 'I'm Not Sorry About Your Fragile Masculinity' makes me laugh every single time. And it also keeps weirdos away from coming onto me when I'm in the pub getting a round in or travelling alone late on public transport (I add to the tension if the guy(s) alight from a train/bus before me by banging on the window really slowly and looking like the girl from The Ring.)

I like CATS – Because CATS. Because glitter. Just because.

Mighty Pop – Unicorn poop. And rainbow cake. All the colours without consuming the "E" numbers. 

Somehow, I don't think I'll get away with the Pin Commandments if I ever decided to wear them to work. But that's OK, because there will be other opportunities to be passive-aggressive at everyone.

Oh - I don't drink wine. 

Because nobody likes getting random "aubergine" pics. But everybody likes a Nintendo GameBoy with Tetris. Obviously. The 'Fight like a Girl' patch may become handy at gigs as it has just reminded me of when Seth and I went to see Muse in Brighton last year and some guy kept elbow barging me – so the third time he did it I crushed the guy in the ribs so hard that he ended up apologising. What is it with people not being able to pick on people their own size?

I got myself a new job at work (which I may or may not write about, as I applied for two jobs at the same time and only got one job offer), so that warranted the purchase of a 'Boss Lady' pin. It's not that I'm a feminist or anything like that... I'm just sick of the fact that in some areas where I work, some of the attitudes towards women are still stuck in the decade I was born in (the '80s) and then I find it hilarious when I sling their turds right back at them and they get all offended and delicate. Bless. Seniority does not equate to experience, and now I'm in a very privileged position to be able to say this to people or tell individuals they're incompetent when my Bullshit-or-Potential-Clusterfuck sensors detect bad news. I've become somewhat ruthless and painfully blunt with age, which I'm not quite sure about sometimes, but thankfully most of my peers have been really supportive about my new appointment too, which is a great relief. So yeah – I'm a boss lady. Chow down.

Speaking of chowing down... pizza and cake, anyone? And cats?

That is all. Please excuse me. I'm in a weird mood.