Pukka Summer Times by 3.1

The weather has been a little bizarre, but summer has been pretty pukka so far. The new job is going well, creative opportunities have been a-plenty, and I've been making the most of all the exciting ventures and partnerships (some of which I can't talk about here) that have been coming my way. Amidst all of that, me and The Gang managed to (finally) synchronise schedules for a wonderful barbecue catchup. Sometimes it's all a bit much and I feel a bit rushed off my feet, but I have to remind myself that what I "do" is not bad for someone that is currently engrossed in studies whilst involved in a full-time shift-working job, with a great support network of awesome friends and colleagues.

And, of course, not forgetting the bloke that thinks a garden maze is a brilliant way to strengthen a relationship, ha!

Have a great summer, chumps.