Wifi breeze by 3.1


This is going to sound hopelessly millennial, but I’ve never been so relieved to have wifi air conditioning, which we were lucky enough to have installed just before the heatwave came along, so I am feeling incredibly blessed right now.

Living in a relatively new-ish build home means that the insulation has been a bit too good to the point that last summer, it was hotter indoors than it was outdoors, resulting in us having to go back to Maidenhead to stay the night with parents to afford ourselves the relief of cooler temperatures outside of London.

We had an air conditioning unit installed just above one corner of the stairs that overlooks the living room area. The other unit was installed in the bedroom. The latter was pretty important as the double-glazing there catches most of the sun in the afternoon, which means it’s like a greenhouse in there a lot of the time, hence being unable to sleep if it’s too hot. Both units are super quiet, so it saves having to listen to an electric fan going round all night. One of my most favourite things about our new air conditioning is the wifi control – I can see how hot it is at home and then set the temperature accordingly from my phone when I’m on my way back.

Thanks to the layout of the house, no big holes needed to be put through walls and most of the piping could be run through walls, down into the kitchen and concealed by existing panelling/units, as the company that carried out the installation specialise in retrofitting cooling systems into apartments and listed buildings. The condenser sits inside a kitchen cupboard next to the washing machine, so we had to lose a cupboard, but I’d sooner that than lose my sanity to the heat. The best part about it is the fact there’s no ugly air-con condenser hanging outside on the exterior wall of the property as the type of condenser we have uses a tapping off the cold water main in order to cool the air down – so there’s no hot air being expelled outsider either!

This technology made me think about the cooling system currently used at places like City Hall and Green Park Station, where these locations use a combination of groundwater cooling and fans to circulate the air to provide some sort of respite from the heat that both locations have the potential to contain. It’s nothing new, really, but in teams of packing it up into an actual air conditioning unit and system that you can market, I guess that’s why you still see plenty of places with air conditioning which requires an external condenser, as those are the leading types in the market and therefore a lot cheaper.

Either way, I’m feeling especially smug as temperatures are set to hit 30°C and beyond this weekend.

New bureau + ystudio by 3.1

So the day finally arrived for me to receive my new bureau (dubbed “The Bureau of my Millennial Dreams”). I didn’t put it together when it arrived as it shipped in two boxes that weighed over 25kg and 35kg respectively, but Patch came home for a few hours last week (in-between stints of cricket World Cup venues) and he put most of it together (though I chipped in towards the end as it really was a job for two people).

Whilst the bureau weighed a ton/nearly crushed me, inflicted injuries on the pair of us and took no less than 7 hours to put together, I’m really happy I decided to go for a non-IKEA job. All that’s left now is for me to find a suitable perch and a desk lamp. And maybe some more nice stationery, though I’ve always had a pretty hefty supply of Japanese pens and papers over the years.

Speaking of stationery, I’m hoping to expand my current ystudio collection of beautiful writing instruments and at some point I’ll probably end up getting one of their black desk fountain pens, which I think will look great in my new bureau, as I already have one of the black mechanical sketching pencils and two of the portable fountain pens (in the black and the brass).

Here are some pictures of the ystudio portable fountain pen in the black “brassing” finish that I picked up last year (the pictures are from when I unboxed it back then), which I’ve been using mostly for work (with Pilot iroshizuku ‘take-sumi’ fountain pen ink), and I love that it’s getting a unique patina with more and more use.

It’s a beautifully-weighted writing instrument, much like my collection of Rotring mechanical pencils from Japan. There’s something about an item crafted from metal to create a tool with which to scribe with, though it probably helps that my handwriting really is a lot better than those self-styled, self-proclaimed stationery aficionados out there.