A Good Friday by 3.1


Struggled to shoehorn myself out of fucking bed this morning. My three weeks of waking up at 02:30, 04:00 or 06:00 respectively, have finally come to an end, but my body had semi-failed. S managed to use some powers of persuasion however... ;-)

So we got ourselves onto the bus and the Tube, heading right into the centre of town on a Bank Holiday (the horror): 


Demolished some food in Five Guys for lunch, before heading into one of my haunts just around the corner:

It's only just gone 13:00 and it's like a cathedral in here...

It's only just gone 13:00 and it's like a cathedral in here...

Decided that I needed some sweet treats, so we popped into Minamoto Kitchoan to pick up a few. (Because I don't subscribe to all that Easter egg bollocks.)


I was hoping that the tsuya and senbei would last until we got back home, but my share of the wagashi didn't even make it back to Kew Gardens.

FFS. No chance.


Took a stroll around Kew Gardens to see any changes in effect as a result of the fast moving spring. It has been too much, too soon. Most of the cherry blossom and magnolia has since departed along the breeze, but the bluebells have now begun to sprout (a whole three weeks too early), so maybe another week or so the woodland will be completely carpet with all the flowers in bloom.


Other than that, nothing has really changed.