Lost in the Remote Part / by 3.1

Cruising along the truly scenic road that is the A82, back in May

Cruising along the truly scenic road that is the A82, back in May


So anyway, it turns out that you can't have;

  • a full-time, shift-working job
  • several intense creative hobbies (that include maintaining a website and several various social media outlets connected with the latter)
  • Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • a full-on relationship of intense awesomeness

without extreme difficulty; or at least one or several of those things suffering, or getting a little more or a little less attention than each one deserves. It turns out however that the only thing that seems to have suffered out of that list (which is not an exhaustive list – believe me, I could probably think of more things) are my various hobbies, or at least the motivation to keep this place going and up-to-date. It's harder than you think when it's not your actual full-time occupation, but there you go. It's almost as if I've forgotten how to write too, as I stopped keeping a diary at home and I stopped maintaining a regular blog-come-whinge-pit, so when I do sit down to think of something to write about, I just lack the motivation after five minutes anyway.

Recent (if you can call the last year or so that) travels have seen me zooming across Switzerland, and waltzing around New York (again). However, I've been occasionally dropping in to the English Countryside, such as the Malvern Hills, as well as rambling around in the breathtaking Highlands of Scotland. I've got a brief stint in Dorset to come, and then there's a trip to Wales on the cards in a few weeks too; it turns out that I'm a sucker for the scenery that does exist on the British Isles, and the fresh air present in some of these green and pleasant lands (certainly in the Highlands anyway) have been doing me the world of good. London's air has not been kind to me for the last 12 months or so.

Though there are breaks of some duration between each trip consisting of the days that are basically filled with my regular job, it turns out that I do take a while to recover from each trip. I have started to suffer from headaches or sudden tiredness when traveling, something I attribute to a sensory overload, perhaps caused by taking in too many new sights, sounds, and smells, usually all at the same time. On the most recent trip, I found that I would have to take occasional naps in the car, and every night I went to bed up in the Highlands, I was out like a light almost immediately.

At some point, I'll probably write up about Scotland, though I say this after every trip and I just never get around to it (Florida, Australia, Seattle, New York, Switzerland... and soon to be Scotland). I'm even getting slow on the photo uploading onto Flickr, never mind on here! I'm sorry if it feels that I've been neglecting you all and I know that some of you have written in at various points to express how you've missed my writings and photographs – and I am quite flattered and honoured. I think I have may have learned a lesson however, and it has taken time, that sometimes it is good for the soul to remain lost and in the distance.