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A lucky shot I got of Matt Bellamy of Muse, Royal Albert Hall, 2008

A lucky shot I got of Matt Bellamy of Muse, Royal Albert Hall, 2008

This is going to be a random post about how I somehow managed to get tickets to see Muse this month. A small corner of the Internet literally went into meltdown on Thursday morning. For reals.

It's no secret (and it's certainly not difficult to work out) that I'm a great fan of Muse. I mean:

  • Wembley Stadium, London, 16/06/07;

  • Royal Albert Hall, London, 12/04/08;

  • O2 Arena, London, 12/11/09;

  • Wembley Stadium, London, 11/09/10;

  • Roundhouse, London, 30/09/12;

  • BBC Radio Theatre, Broadcasting House, London, 31/10/12;

  • Emirates Stadium, London, 25/05/13

  • Horse Guards Parade, London, 02/06/13

Shit, man. I've not even seen my GP that many times in as many years. That's a lot of gigs. Especially for somebody that doesn't really like crowds all that much (she says):

Royal Albert Hall, 2008. My ribs were bruised for about a week...

Royal Albert Hall, 2008. My ribs were bruised for about a week...

Anyhow, last week, I got (and consequently missed) an email about a pre-sale for a UK tour that is literally happening imminently. We're talking this month (with the first show in Glasgow happening later on today). A small part of the Internet went into meltdown. "I didn't get the email!" cried some. "The pre-sale is all already gone!" cried others (though, that didn't stop me trying to find tickets on the night of the pre-sale, with no luck).

"I'll have to set my alarm for 09:00hrs," I said to Seth. I didn't really appreciate the importance of it at the time. No London shows were to be played, so I had set my sights on Brighton. Out of excitement (and a little amount of stress), I was up earlier than planned.

A cup of tea had been made. I sat down with the laptop all ready and the tickets holding page loaded. There was a countdown timer in the corner of the screen on the page. Blah, blah, blah, more writing about the suspense and trepidation could go here also. Then as the countdown got to zero, the page auto-refreshed... and I got an error page.

I didn't start screaming at the screen (I was far too tired for that), but I did sit up startled for a split second, and I nearly spilt my tea. And just as I was about to hit refresh, the page auto-refreshed again, and I got something that looked a bit more normal and I sort of went into auto-pilot:

This also happened, for added comedy value, and I suppose to break the tension:

Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 09.43.29.png

And then... a sigh of relief as I made it to the page where you had to hand over money, and the time limit at the bottom of the screen extends from 2mins50secs (the one that tells you how long you have before the tickets you nearly have are released back into the General Sale) to 4mins49secs, and so on and so forth, but it doesn't really matter, and you don't really care by this point, because you know you're paying with a card that has money on it and then you're automatically saving a PDF copy of your receipt anyway, just as you get the email confirmation...

Meanwhile, this happens:

And you realise that because you're the lucky so-and-so that has tickets, you're revelling in this almost-like-post-coital bliss...

But then the Internet just starts losing it's shit:

I couldn't find/make a meme good enough to describe what my face looked like when I started seeing those tweets. There was something like just 1,400 tickets for Brighton alone (500 or so of which were sold in the pre-sale), so it was honestly just a matter of luck (and possibly not refreshing the page repeatedly – that just makes things worse. For everyone). I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed all those times that I have been up for a General Sale and didn't get tickets, but it's not worth crying over, and as has happened in the past, all I've ended up doing is sighing and then gone back to bed for a few hours before work anyway, knowing full well that I would've responded in exactly the same way for any other gig.


Still, I have to say it...