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Cables by Eastern Collective

Cables by Eastern Collective

Eastern Collective happened to be one of those brands I stumbled across when I saw one of their Thunderbolt cables being used with a Mac belonging to an Instagram acquaintance.

The brand isn't particularly well-known here. I've never seen them in the shops, despite being an Apple approved product, but a few of my colleagues keep asking about my Lightning cable (as I carry one with me to charge up my phone at work), so I've decided to put up a few pictures.


The cables will probably remind you of the cable you get with most household irons. There are quite a few different colours, though usually once a particular design is out of stock, sometimes they don't re-stock them. In terms of connections, there's a variety of USB cables (Apple Lightning and 30-pin, Mini USB, Micro USB, and so on), and auxiliary cables too.

For those of you with Apple products, the fact these cables are Apple approved is really important. It means that your devices are very unlikely to reject these cables for charging or data transfer following a firmware update.

"Confetti" Lightning cable and "Ronald" auxiliary audio cable for 3.5mm audio jack

The cables come packaged in a little reusable, resealing bag. I tend to hold onto the bags to stop the braided part of the cable getting shredded in my work bag or when I'm travelling.

Cost-wise, these cables are fairly pricey for what essentially is something akin to the cable you get with your clothes iron. Because I've not seen them sold here in the UK, obviously it costs a little to have these things shipped over. Originally the first sets of cables I bought were only about 3 feet long, but newer cables are now being sold in 5 feet lengths. So I went and bought a few more in the "Frost" colours.

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