Kew's autumn reboot / by 3.1

The chill is here, S has out and about laying down sandite on the subterranean railway, and squelch of wet leaves can be heard after the rain. Autumn is well and truly here.

And I love the rich yellow on these leaves!

The rich afternoon sun casts a lovely glow. Plants that we would associate with winter start to look more prominent in the light with the golden colours in the background.

The chill in the air makes the warmth and humidity of the Palm House more of a rewarding place to visit.

We spend a large proportion of our free time in Kew Gardens. It has been amazing to be able to walk here and spend time in here almost every week, watching the seasons and nature change. The colours of autumn are coming through steadily – the summer plants on the borders of the Broad Walk have wasted away, leaving behind only those species a little more resilient against the chill.

Winter doesn't seem so bad if I know I'm get another day like this. Which I will. Plus I don't need a new winter coat as my current ones have been going strong for the last four years and they still do the job in -20°C when I've still got a t-shirt on underneath. I'm definitely getting my £1,200-worth out of them both... So I do hope we get a hideously cold winter this year.

(And snow!)

Ah! Autumn!

St Anne's Church, Kew Green

St Anne's Church, Kew Green