London:Love:Book / by 3.1

I wasn't allowed to talk about this for such a long time, but now that the publisher has officially put something on their website, I can now say, "Yes – this sort of just happened..." and yes – it's a bit weird seeing my name on the front of a book, alongside some rather big names; there's going to be a launch party and everything.

This basically happened after a nice chap saw some of my photographs on a (badly painted) wall last year:

I saw your work on the Out of Uniform exhibition.

Cities rise and thrive because of the quality of the people who shape them. As you are one of the people who have contributed to making our capital city so vibrant I would be delighted if you would be part of this exciting book.

My contribution to the book involves an attempt at writing, along with a (possibly dodgy) awkwardly-posed photograph of me at Northfields in the book (I had a bout of food poisoning on the day). Sorry about that.

Expected March 2017. ISBN 9781844039210.