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The Hive   at Kew Gardens

The Hive at Kew Gardens

So if I'm not at work, studying, or travelling, I can normally be found in the safe confines of Kew Gardens, or over the road in the Maids of Honour tea room. I paid £90 for a joint membership card that gets us both into the gardens for the year and it is quite frankly the best £90 I've ever spent. After I've finished a dead early shift, I'm in Kew. Rest day? Mostly in Kew. Need somewhere to study for a little while with a cup of coffee? Kew, again. Plus, in the summer, we can get into the gardens from 08:30, but everyone else can only get in at 10:00. So worth it, though it's just a shame that although I can see the gardens every day from home (and likewise I can see our bedroom windows from the gardens) and all that separates us is the river, well, the river means that we've got to go the long way round (across Kew Bridge), because neither of us are handy with a boat (even though we've got a marina, so that's about as much use to us as a car park on water).

At the moment, my most favourite space in Kew is the new installation that is The Hive. I love bees and the Great Broad Walk (a long path that runs a little way from near the Palm House up to The Orangery) is bordered by planters full of bee-friendly plants for this summer. I'll talk more about The Hive and the gardens at some point when I get a bit more free time as I've got a few pictures to show you as well of the gardens generally, though The Hive might get it's own post perhaps as it's a thing to talk about in its own right.

In other news; new job has ramped up in activity with ever more responsibilities and tasks (with another track certificate to obtain in the next few weeks so I can chaperone newbies around depots and sidings). Some of the folks and colleagues on Twitter have asked if I will start writing anecdotes about work again (possibly because the line that I work on is now probably the most unreliable); now although The Boss would say it's fine, you've got to appreciate that given I've been hounded by the less savoury types in the media once or twice already in the past (never mind less savoury types of the Intuhweb stalking kind in general anyway), it means I'm reluctant to write much more than the average person in case it gets twisted. Which we all know it does, doesn't it? Though I suppose it helps that I've got friends and family in relevant places and a very good lawyer. As it goes, I'm also pretty good with a crossbow and a shotgun, so if we were in real dire straits with zombie stalkers/journos, I'd be a damn sight better than most of you lot (and the way things are going, it's probably just as well). Still, I digress. It's very likely my wittering will be moved back to WordPress or something similar, as some recent ventures mean I would probably revert to using this space purely for photography and other related updates, as WP does work better for me on the writing side of things (she says). We'll see what the relevant parties have to say for themselves in the next few weeks.

At some point I'll talk about the Lake District visit(s), though the most recent trip was marred by the national carnage that is/was/still is "Brexit". It turns out that climbing up a peak and then shouting a whole load of bollocks at the top of your lungs is quite therapeutic. I should tell my doctor to try it really, but I'd imagine she wouldn't be able to get the time off (she strikes me as a bit of a workaholic).

Rambling now – I knew I shouldn't have had that last cup of tea.

In other other news; at the start of the championship, I put £10 on Murray to win at Wimbledon this year. He won me £71.40 a few years ago, so I'm wondering if he'll get me some money for an afternoon tea this year. Also, in case you haven't been following the football, it's not too late to show your support... I've left you a link below. ;-)