Jan '2017: First Weekend / by 3.1

Mostly good.

Finished the working week by 09:28 on Friday morning (having started work at 04:49). Decided to celebrate with a late lunch and bramble mojitos:


Arrived home to find ticket exchange voucher waiting on the doormat for an upcoming trip to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo. Also spent most of Friday afternoon immersed in travel books:


Quickly visit cousin and her offspring to deliver belated Christmas presents, and also to give another lesson in railway operations (session undertaken by S):


Saturday morning necessitated a trip into town to the Barbour shop to buy S a new waterproof coat. Covent Garden was empty when I arrived at 09:55:


Cliché shot from one of the station platforms at Covent Garden for bonus points:


A quick sprint in and out of the shop meant I was also able to catch a lift home on a train where I was the only passenger permitted on-board (perks of the job - plus I was the only person on the guest list for said train):


Sunday = not waking up to an alarm. Inappropriate morning exercise on the sofa, then realising that it was coming up to 11:00 and very little having been achieved with the day, followed by me demanding breakfast after 12:00 in local eatery (located inside the grounds of an old magistrates court, hence Verdict Bakery  name) - and not giving a damn:

Not guilty... yet! 

Not guilty... yet! 

Order breakfast, which arrives at 12:45. Proceed to tackle said breakfast over a very brief period of time:


Hash brown is noted by S that it is missing. The only person that is guilty is the chef.  

Guilty AF

Guilty AF

Feel guilty about eating a rather large breakfast. Decide to get the bus to Gunnersbury to get the District line to Tower Hill and head to the riverside:


Walk all the way to Waterloo via the City of London and the Thames Path. Obvserve many aesthetically pleasing things, notably the Queenhithe Mosaic: 


Pop into the Southbank Centre briefly. Discover that there is a Moominland pop-up shop: 


Arrive home, then head to S' mum's house for Sunday dinner. Also stay for tea and cake, before heading home at 21:45 and retiring tip bed. 

Meanwhile: next weekend = work.