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生まれて 育って 死んだとて  

生まれて 育って 死んだとて  

Not much to report (besides now owing £9,250, and counting). I accepted my offer to study BA Linguistics and Language at Birkbeck on the 3-year course, they've taken my (student loan) money for the first year and I'm now in the process of acquiring certain bits and pieces on the reading list. As I'd be trying to cobble together the shifts and rest days to enable me to study full time for 3 years, I decided perhaps that maybe doing a year abroad was a bit optimistic (given HR's tendency to say, "No," to anything remotely related to education when it comes to someone in front line operations that isn't a manager or a graduate trainee).

Other news; after going to Kingston last month to collect a very shiny thing, for those of you that don't already know, I picked up a brand new Fujifilm X-Pro2:


At some point there will be pictures of it for those of you that like camera pr0n (as I got myself a soft shutter release mod and a nice quick-adjust strap from Japan), and I have to say that it's causing me to seriously think about selling off my current Canon EOS 5D Mark III. But more on that another time. Maybe.

Randomly, after being told that I was being filmed by a Japanese firm for a training video (demonstrating how we train people on how to drive trains), it turns out I'm going to be on TV Asahi this Friday (where hopefully, they leave in the bit where I manage to slash my finger open). It was a fantastic opportunity to connect in Japanese with native speakers in-between shots, and as the translator lives in London we exchanged contact details, though I'm glad she's going to have her voice dubbed over mine!