Apollo 11 Flight Plan Re-Issue by 3.1

I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but I was randomly reminded of this after meeting Brian Blessed last week (long story). So if anyone out there is interested in another technical manual/space book, head over to Indiegogo for details on this re-print!

I'm not sure if I have any more room for another standards manual, seeing as I've just backed a Kickstarter campaign for the reproduction of the British Rail Corporate Identity manual, and more so since backing the re-issue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual last year! The latter mentioned tome I thoroughly enjoyed from cover-to-cover when it arrived on my doorstep this year, but for those that missed out on the original Kickstarter campaign, you can now pre-order your copy of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual at

1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual by 3.1

To my design, typography and space geek friends...

I've just pledged to back this campaign because this is just too good to not have in on my bookshelf.

Seriously. I always preferred NASA's 'worm' logo to the 'meatball' one anyway.

The project is brought to you by the same amazing people that stumbled across an old New York City Transit Authority Graphics Standards Manual and decided to photograph it and create a website dedicated to archiving it's design simplicity for all to see at

As somebody who salivates and gets really (over) excited about super aesthetically pleasing design, looking at these two design standards manuals is both inspiring and cathartic to me. Sadly, London Underground's pitiful PDF versions of their numerous and convoluted design standards manuals (which they can't even stick to themselves) can only aspire to such concise consistency. I often imagine that Frank Pick would be turning in his grave on a daily basis...

Back the re-issue of this NASA gem via the Kickstarter project – click here.