2AM by 3.1


The worst ideas come at 2AM. These include deciding sign up to jump out of a perfectly good plane unaided (successfully – having never done a tandem skydive prior to booking) and deciding to write essays for the uni at the last minute (on days when they are actually due).

Other bad ideas include ordering a new phone – and a new pair of headphones to go with said new phone. Then going to bed and forgetting it happened.

Until of course several hours later, when one of your gizmos decides to remind you of what you have done:

Shit. But I have work in 4.5 hours...

Shit. But I have work in 4.5 hours...

S has resigned to the poor decisions made at 2AM and offers transport. GET IN THE CAR IMMEDIATELY.

(Admire the car in the car park briefly...) 

(Admire the car in the car park briefly...) 

Sheepishly find a member of staff in the shop to bring you your new toys from the stockroom, and whilst waiting, be made to feel bad by the staff member for having told him that you "only just woke up". Decline the shop's branded plastic carrier bag and shove all items into handbag (that has been emptied out for the occasion):


Safely convey the items to the car park and then home (after surviving a near-miss with a runaway Christmas tree on Goldhawk Road). Upon arriving home, ponder on whether or not to return the shiny things to the shop at a later date...