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冒険 by 3.1

As usual, I appear to have acquired more and more books, with the weight on the shelves getting worse with every recommended reading list I've been given from my tutors. My diploma course however comes to an end later on this year, so my break from reading through UK/EU legislation and other heavy content will soon come to an end. That said, as one chapter closes, another one seems to start, and I was recently offered a new job (to potentially start sometime this year), but I'm still not sure if I'm going to take it.

If I do decide to take The New Job (which potentially sees me leaving London Underground), I may not be able to have any time off for a while, and whilst recently trying to feed in all my old adventures into Tripit the other week I suddenly realised that I do travel a fair amount, and I was given back a whole week of annual leave from when I was signed off work with PTSD in October.

What do I do with an extra week of annual leave? Well, I've already got annual leave from the 19th January and I don't get back to work until the 12th February, but life is a bit chaotic with the studying at the moment, never mind house hunting/selling, and I'd considered reserving a week at the start of my annual leave to get the vultures-come-estate-agents round and perhaps start viewings. All very boring, so glancing over my current Tripit history quickly suggested going abroad was no bad thing. 

We left it too late to book a trip to Australia (I visited back in 2011, but S has never been), and I wasn't keen on going back to America after the whole Trump business, so I suggested the Far East (excluding where my parents are from, because President Duterte is one scary dude that also has the misfortune of looking just like my dad).

Then I remembered I'd been learning Japanese on/off for the last two years: 


We had a lightbulb moment and Expedia gave us a very reasonable deal on a 4* hotel with flights to Tokyo, so it looks like Japan is definitely on the cards (very) soon, so in the meantime I've been glossing over a few of the Japanese-English books I've collected over the years.

Dark Horizon (a play on the conventional Japanese-English classroom textbooks) has a few useful phrases. Here's one to talk about when the old-man-stalker types crop up in conversation:


Here's to adventure (冒険) and new places...