Ganhar a Vida by 3.1

I’ve sunk to a new low now that I’m being made to watch a film that has opening credits typeset to Comic Sans…

EDIT: To be fair, it was an alright film (despite the use of Comic Sans). It highlighted some of the first generation immigrant discourse and narrative (especially when more than one language is spoken), but Christ… it was depressing.

Roll of September by 3.1

A test roll of black and white film shot on the weekend before the one under, offered without captions.

It was loaded into the camera in September, but I never got around to using it until October (hence the light leaks, because I forgot it was in the camera and opened the film door).

5% Saturday 1st / 90% Sunday 2nd October 2016.

A very curious roll of film to have discovered whilst tidying up the other day. I find it somewhat strange that I had decided to use a film normally reserved for portraiture for some random street photographs, but never mind.