Another summer of cricket by 3.1

I may not have managed to get tickets for any of the amazing Cricket World Cup fixtures this year, but arriving in the post this week were my recent haul of tickets for fixtures at the home ground of the county cricket club I support, along with my tickets for the the Ashes Second Test. It doesn’t quite feel like summer has reached a consistency like that of last year, what with so many of the CWC19 matches being rain affected, but I’m looking forward to the matches I have planned to see over the next few weeks – and I’m very much hoping it doesn’t rain!

For those of you that weren’t follow my Instagram stories / Twitter last summer (which is when I was on a bit of a hiatus from blogging), I realise that I probably didn't mention how all this cricket stuff came to be, especially the fact I’ve been a member of Middlesex County Cricket Club for nearly two seasons now. As part of my recovery from an eating disorder and general recovery from a stressful and traumatic time, I was introduced to cricket in the form of a book titled ‘Absolutely Foxed’ by former England cricket Graeme Fowler and I ended up falling in love with the game (and consequently, the person that introduced me to it).

Anyhow, Middlesex have had a bit of a ‘meh’ season so far, though I’m hoping things pick up for the T20 fixtures, as the club signed some big names for this season!